Ever since the day when the William Lockie mill wheel first turned in 1874, we’ve been driven by a passion for creating the softest, finest, most luxurious cashmere in the world.

We’re at the heart of the renowned Scottish knitwear and cashmere industry, located in Hawick on the banks of the River Teviot, deep in the Scottish Borders.

We’re obsessed by perfection. We buy only the highest quality raw cashmere and transform it into a sublimely soft yarn, thanks to the soft water that endlessly runs beside our mill. Such is the softness of Scottish water that it’s impossible to replicate this anywhere else in the world. Next, we marry together the best traditional skills with the latest technology, creating beautiful cashmere garments that are exquisite to touch and wear. And their inherent quality means each piece can last for decades.

As well as cashmere, in our Scottish mill we also produce many other garments using a range of 100% natural fibres: camelhair, super geelong, merino, lambswool and cotton.

See our News page for trade shows we will be attending in early 2015.

Drumlanrig Square  Hawick TD9 0AW